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Моего учителя задержали в Петрозаводске (((

Я в шоке!!! Прошу перепоста!
В Петрозаводске задержан и помещён в изолятор временного содержания Юрий Дмитриев, один из настоящих русских людей, который лично восстановил списки расстрелянных в Сандармохе и при строительстве Беломор-Балтийского канала.
С Юрием Дмитриевым я знаком лично, именно он вдохновил меня на проект "Военкомат".
Я пока сам не знаю что делать, только получил эту новость

One of the most known Russian researchers of Northern region of Karelia Yuri Dmitriev who is known for making roll of person of different nationalities oppressed by Stalinist regime in construction of Belomor Channlel was arrested and hold in charge in Petrozavodsk, the capital of the region.
His home computer, cell and papers was also withdrew by police of FSB officers.
Such a hold could be a reaction for publishing in Internet the book with more then 40 000 names of NKVD officers, direct performers of Stalin purgers in 1930s
2 years ago the memorial to different nationalities made by Dmitriev on the spot of GULAG camp Sandarmokh was desecrated, but Dmitriev was known as one of the most strict and fundamental keeper of the memory of people, killed in Stalin purges in Russia


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